Why You Should Never Use Bleach For Fibre Carpet Cleaning

Is your carpet dirty and do you use bleach for its cleaning? Well, the application of bleach can damage your carpets and make them look dull. You must be thinking about how. Well here are some of the crucial reasons for which you should never use bleach for Fiber Carpet cleaning. Let’s have a close look at these reasons to get more idea-

Fiber Carpet Cleaning
Fiber Carpet Cleaning
  1. It affects the color

One of the reasons why you should never use bleach for carpet cleaning is that it affects the color of the carpets. No matter how soft or expensive your carpet is, you must avoid using bleach for the Fiber Carpet cleaning. Bleach consists of harsh chemicals that can damage the color by making it dull. After the wash, your carpet will fade its color. Therefore, it is always important to look at its ingredients before you use it for carpet cleaning. 

  1. Damages the fibers

For just or two wash, bleach is fine but you cannot use it for several washes. Bleach will only impact the softness, texture, and fibers of the carpet. Along with this, different carpets will have different fibers that cannot tolerate the harsh chemical of bleach. Bleach might remove the stains but it is not good for the surface and fibers of the carpet.

Bleach also causes damage to the carpet’s surface. If you’re pouring bleach on the carpets, it gets inside the fibers that damage the surface of the carpet. Soft surface or fiber carpet should not be cleaned with the beach. Fabrics such as velvet and nylon should also be avoided for bleaching.

  1. Not even effective for cleaning

The main purpose of bleach is to remove stains and not to do the Carpet cleaning. Thus, using bleach in the cleaning process is not that effective. Many people think that it is a good option for carpet cleaning but this is not. This is just a myth that it can clean your carpet. If you want proper cleaning of the carpets then use high quality carpet cleaning solutions and carpet cleaning methods. You can also call professional carpet cleaners for effective carpet cleaning. 

  1. Affects the back of the carpet

Another reason for which one should avoid bleaching in carpet cleaning is that bleach can damage the back of your carpet. There are times when carpet fibers can tolerate bleach when they’re designed with tough materials but the back of your carpet might not. This is because the back of the carpet is mostly of rubber or similar design to ensure grip. When you clean the carpet with bleach, some of it will soak by the back. 


Bleach is mainly a cleaning agent that is not good for Fiber Carpet cleaning. Bleach in the carpet cleaning treatment can ruin the overall look, sheen, color, and fibers of the carpets. This is why one must avoid the use of bleach while cleaning the carpets. You can also hire the best services for this.